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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe to use?

Absolutely! Your safety is our top priority.

A) Firstly, all our Nexen Power Tracks and Adaptors sold are tested, certified, and registered for Safety Mark under the Register of Registered Products found in

You can do a simple search by:

I) Visiting
II) Type Nexen within the “Trademark” search box
III) Press Search
IV) Find registration details of Nexen’s Products

Safety Mark No: 220001-00 and 220002-00

B) Secondly, all our Power Tracks have the slimmest track groove at 6mm and is furthered covered by a proprietary flap that makes it close to impossible for users to poke into

C) Thirdly, all our internal components within the Nexen Power Tracks are grounded and the conductive components are wrapped with insulating material to prevent electric shock.

Do you provide delivery and installation service?

Yes, we do! The installation can be done by our professional in-house electricians at a convenient time for you and we recommend customers to use our electrical installers to install the power track for them.

Please contact us at [email protected] or whatsapp us for more installation requests.

Do you have a price list?

Yes! You can find the latest prices for our products listed in our product brochure.

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Do you offer recessed furniture installation?

Yes but we will require your carpenter to provide a furniture cut-out based on the dimensions we provide to them. Please refer to page 8 of our installation guide for the cut out dimensions.

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Do you have a Nexen Power Track Indepth installation guide?

Yes we do. Please refer to the below link for our Nexen Power Track Indepth installation guide.

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Do you have a Nexen Adaptor User Guide?

Yes we do. Please refer to the below link for our Nexen Adaptor User Guide.

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Do you have a Pro Plus Power Track setup guide?

Yes we do. Please refer to the below link for our Pro Plus Power Track Setup Guide

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Do you have a Nexen Smart Adapter setup guide?

Yes we do. Please refer to the below link for our Nexen Smart Adapter Indepth Setup Guide.

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How many appliances can be connected to a Nexen Power Track?

1 metre of Nexen Power Track can support up to 11 Nexen Adaptors.

The total power draw of the appliances connected to the Power Track should not exceed 8000 Watts.

How do I use the Nexen adaptors on the Nexen Power Track?

You can find out more information from our Nexen Adaptor user guide found below


Is the Nexen Power Track customizable?

Nexen Pro Power track is available for customization.. We can customize the bar to your desired length, accessorize it with multimedia connectors such as HDMI or ethernet cable ports, or personalize the look with surface laminates to match the Power Track with your home interior or furnishings.

Please check with us at [email protected] or whatsapp us for customization requests.

What is the Nexen Power Track System?

– It is a power distribution system consisting of the power track and individual adaptors.

– There are 2 versions of the Power Track: the Nexen Slim Series and Nexen Pro Series

– Accessories for use with the Nexen Power Track include international adaptors with coloured LED lights, USB charging port, HDMI and other data ports.

What is the Nexen Pro Power Track ?

With the flexibility of HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports integration – this is power and productivity at its greatest. The Nexen Pro Power Track also offers customisable solution for those who want power on their terms, with surface-laminate options and length up to 3 metres. 

The Nexen Pro Power Track comes in 2 version, the Nexen Pro Surface and the Nexen Pro Recessed

What is the Nexen Slim Power Track?

Do so much more with less. At a depth of just 19mm, the NEXEN Slim is the thinnest power track on the market yet. Truly integrating into your space and style, this is a power track for those who prefer minimalistic forms that still gives you maximal output.

The Nexen Slim Power Track comes in 2 version, the Nexen Slim Surface and the Nexen Slim Recessed

The NEXEN Slim Surface Plus also comes with an option for a dual 2.4A USB ports and a LED light strip that illuminates upon motion detection.

What is the difference between the Nexen Pro and Nexen Slim Power Track?

The Nexen Pro Power Track is highly customizable in terms of length and adding multimedia connectivity, while the Nexen Slim  Power Track is the thinnest power track available in the market with a 19mm depth.

You can find out more about the difference below. 

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You can also find out the difference by referring to page 33 of our product brochure

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What is the maximum length of the Nexen Pro and Nexen Slim Power Track?

The maximum length is 3 metres for the Nexen Pro Power Track and 1.5 metres for the Nexen Slim Power Track.

What is the lead time for preparation of orders?

3-5 Working Days (For orders of standard lengths)

7-10 Working Days (For special orders requiring lengths not in the price list or other customisations)

What are your Sales Term and Condition?

You can read more about our Terms and Condition of Sale here.

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What is your Warranty Policy?

-We provide up to 3 years warranty for Nexen Electric Bars and 3 Year warranty for Nexen Adaptors and Accessories sold in Singapore (warranty applies from the date of collection).

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of our warranty policy on the warranty sheet included with your product purchase.

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How do I register for my Nexen Product Warranty?

Please register for your Nexen Product warranty


Where are your products manufactured at?

The product is assembled in Singapore with imported components. Strict quality checking is also done in Singapore.

Where do you recommend Nexen Power Tracks to be used at?

Our power tracks can be installed to replace any traditional socket outlet.

Common residential areas that our customers choose to install the electric bar at include the living room space, kitchen, study room, and master bedroom.

Find out how NEXEN Power Tracks have been specially curated, planned and placed for each of their individual homes and spaces from our Nexen Homeowners.

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For commercial spaces, common installation areas include meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and the pantry